Gvaot Winery

The vineyards

In order to produce fine wine, one must first obtain grapes of the very highest quality. Our grapes are harvested from vineyards planted on the slopes of Israel’s eastern mountain range, at an altitude of 700-900 meters above sea level. The shallow rocky soil, the dry air and the daytime/nighttime temperature differential combine to create an ideal terroir that is clearly expressed in the outstanding quality of the grapes.
Gva’ot Winery maintains careful quality control throughout all production stages, applying modern agro-techniques from the initial grape growing stage, through pruning the vines, to determining exactly when to harvest so as to achieve the desired results.

Harvesting is performed by hand in the early morning, as the low temperatures of these chilly hours are best for preserving the grapes’ optimum quality.

The proximity of the vineyards to the winery allows the wine to be extracted from the grapes while they are still cold, thereby attaining high quality fermentation and aging.
hese vineyards have been planted by professional vintners, and employ a strict cultivation regime, guided and overseen by the winery’s head winemaker. Most of the vineyards are close to the winery, so that minimal time passes between the harvest and the processing of the grapes.

תמונת רקע יקב גבעות
תמונת רקע יקב גבעות