Gvaot Cabernet Sau. 2018

Character: Fruity and balanced, with a long finish
Varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon with a little Merlot, which adds rich fruit and a delicate touch to the solid structure of Cabernet
Vineyards: Central Mountain, 700-900m elevation
Aging: 12 months in quality oak barrels
Aging Potential: The wine reaches its peak about two years after harvesting and will continue to develop for 6-8 years under suitable conditions
Meal Combinations: Ideally suits a variety of beef, veal or lamb, such as sirloin steak or oven-baked leg of lamb
Serving Recommendation: Allow an hour of breathing Serve at 16-18°C.


Gold package
780.00 675.00
Gofna Cabernet Reserve 2016
525.00 469.00
Magnom messada 2017
565.00 499.00